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Portraits for professionals.


If you need a head shot that is clean, crisp and professional, either in your working environment or against a plain backdrop, look no further, this option is for you.

  • Up to 1 hour of photography

  • 3 digital photographs.



Corporate Headshots

Neutral Colour



Neutral background colours are easy to repeat with new starters and are easy to remove and replace when used in other corporate communications. These come in all shades of grey, as well as black and white.

Paul Headshot-342-Edit.jpg

Office Blurred



Blurred office backgrounds can look great as long as you have a well lit office, either bathed in beautiful bright daylight or with really strong, bright artificial light. This style of shot looks great in isolation but can look visually distracting when displayed together on a "meet the team" page.


Coloured Backgrounds

With around 50 colours to choose from I can find a colour background to work with your brand.*

(Grey, black and white available at no extra cost)

*Please allow 2 weeks to ensure availability



Bulk Corporate Headshots


Need up-to-date images of your team for your website?

Make the right impression with sleek and professional looking images. We can come to you with our convenient portable studio, saving your precious time.


  • 1 fully-retouched digital photograph per person

  • Deals available for large groups

  • Shoot time approx 4 minutes per person.


 5  people £225.00

10 people £300.00    

20 people £450.00

30 people £600.00

Call now for a tailored quote.

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